Our Board

Kenneth Meyer, President
Janet Flynn, Vice President
Cindy Wolfe, Secretary
Jody Grant, Treasurer
Linda Maxwell, Trustee
Georgann Schuster, Trustee
Wilma Thurston, Trustee
Joyce Swartzmiller, Executive Director
​Andrea Shoaf Assistant Director

1312 N. State Street

 Gladwin MI 48624 US
Telephone:  +1 9894264464

Email:  hospiceofgladwin@gmail.com

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How to Find Us

​So you want to be a volunteer?

​At Hospice of Gladwin Area, we believe that volunteers are the heart of our organization. Whether you are interested in office work, working with clients, helping with fund raising, pickup and delivery of equipment, project support, bereavement support or helping with social media, we have a job to fit your ability. If you have three hours or more per week to give, we are the organization for you.

     -Office Workers answer the phone, file documents, prepare mailings, assist with the quarterly newsletter, make copies and collate materials for meetings, compile statistics for reports, vacuum and dust and represent HGA to those who visit our office.

     -Client workers find that their activities fall into two categories: emotional support to the client and family, and tangible services. Volunteers will schedule visits, provide emotional support, companionship and diversion to the client, serve as a good listener, provide encouragement, facilitate communication between client and family, and offer spiritual support.  Services might involve doing household chores or helping with personal care, transportation or running errands, or sitting with the client while the caregiver is shopping, working or taking a nap.

All Volunteers complete 20 hours of training. The training program focuses on three main goals: providing information regarding the physical needs of the client, guidance concerning the role of the volunteer in addressing those needs, promoting awareness of the psychosocial and spiritual needs of clients and caregivers, and guidance concerning the role of the volunteer in addressing those needs; and achieving within each training group a sense of mutual respect, trust and support for each other . 

Volunteers learn to accept the vulnerability of life and the inevitability of death.  They celebrate life with reverence and joy for the gift that it is.  If you would like to be a volunteer, please call our office or  fill out the attached application and return it to our office.  We will contact you within 48 business hours.

Member Agencies

Community Support

The Community also supports Hospice of Gladwin Area through donations of equipment, materials and other supplies.  We accept items such as hospital beds, wheel chairs, bedside commodes, walkers, lift chairs, crutches, canes, etc.  We also accept material goods such as adult diapers, wipes, nutritional drink, etc.  Lastly, we accept items such as catheters, breathing tubes, ostomy supplies, etc. If you would like to make a donation of equipment or supplies, call, we accept most donations, as long as it is not a medical prescription. 

What do we do with the items that are donated?  Do you have to be a Hospice Client to use our supplies?   Anyone living in the Gladwin area may come in and borrow any piece of equipment we have. You do not need to be a Hospice Client.   All you need to do is come into the office and sign out any piece of equipment.  When you are finished using the equipment, clean it and return it; then someone else can borrow it.  If you are in need of supplies, such as adult diapers, come to the office, if we have them, you can pick up a package.  Everything we do is with Community support.  We would like to thank everyone who has supported our organization throughout the years.  Without you, Hospice of Gladwin Area would not be here. 


Hospice Of Gladwin  Area, Inc.


​Hospice of Gladwin Area is dependent on contributions from individuals, businesses and civic organizations.  A membership in the organization is available for an annual fee or donation of volunteer time.  We are a United Way agency and receive funding from community support through  the Clare-Gladwin United Way.  We also hold one annual fundraiser, Our Great Cedar River Duck Race.

​In addition  to monetary donations, we also accept equipment and supplies,