Hospice of Gladwin Area, Inc. is a community-based volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to bringing the hospice ideal to the residents of Gladwin County.  This ideal can best be achieved through a process which attempts to meet the physical, social, and spiritual needs of terminally ill persons and their loved ones.

History – We began with an idea between two nurses who were concerned about people who were dying alone and they wanted to help making the dying process easier for them.  They thought about the hospice concept and presented it to the community.  They were supported by businesses and individuals.  Using collective expertise, they created a non-profit organization in 1986. 

In January of 1987, Hospice of Gladwin Area incorporated and became a 501 © 3 non-profit charitable agency. We rely on our Executive Director, our trained, caring and supportive volunteers, and our 24/7 on call team.  Our office is open Monday through Thursday from 10:00 am until 3:00 pm, All
after hour calls are answered by the Executive Director or the on call staff.

Philosophy – Hospice is not a place.. It is a sense of caring, of compassion, of  helping our members:

  • Believe that dying is a uniquely important time in a person’s life.
  • View dying as the final stage of human existence, a normal, healthy process.
  • Recognize that, while death may be a natural process, rarely is it easy or simple.
  • Believe that care for the dying should involve a different pace and a different set of skills than other kinds of health care, with primary emphasis on physical comfort and emotional support.
  • Believe that dying patients deserve to be informed about their medical condition and treatment alternatives so they can/might make meaningful choices about how to live in the time remaining to them.
  • Believe patients have a right to receive adequate care without having to feel demeaned or a burden.



Hospice Of Gladwin  Area, Inc.

Visiting Volunteer Ava Snyder with her client, Blanche Western...

What We Do

Hospice Teams

Hospice of Gladwin Area is a volunteer, non-profit organization designed to support the terminally ill patient and caregivers. Physical, spiritual, emotional, and social care is provided. The Hospice Team consists of social workers, clergy, and other trained professionals. They are complimented by specially trained volunteers who visit homes on a regular basis. Call our office for details about criteria for admission and for more specific information on how our Hospice Team works.

Equipment and Supplies

We offer free  equipment and supplies to any Gladwin County residents, as needed. This includes, among other things,  crutches, wheelchairs, walkers,  and beds., Call us for a list of other items on hand.

Grief and Loss Support

Our services also include Grief and Loss Support. No one can predict how long grieving will last, nor can anyone tell others exactly how they should grieve. There are, however, some manifestations of grief common to all who undergo it. We offer one-on-one assistance as well as six weekly education classes that assist people in understanding their feelings. We also offer emotional support to help others work through their grief, adjust to changes, and create new goals for the future.  We give support by being present, by listening to our clients' stories, and by encouraging independence. For information on class schedules and one-on-one appointments, call our office.